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Fuel Line & Clamps

We carry only the highest quality fuel line available - genuine OEM Continental and OEM Cohline both made in Germany. This is the correct cloth-covered line that was used on your VW when it was first made. However, don't be fooled into thinking all cloth-covered fuel line is the same. There are some companies making poor quality cloth-covered fuel line (usually out of Brazil) so make sure what you buy for your engine is German. The original German line is pliable and long-lasting unlike the other brands which are usually very stiff due to poor quality rubber. We also are now stocking the German smooth 7mm reinforced fuel line. This is recommended to be used in areas of the fuel injection system that are under high pressure.  Our line is sold by the meter (a little over 3 feet).

Fuel Line (per meter)
illus Year Item # Description Price Order
A 50-74 N203551 Carb, 5mm - cloth covered - German $10.95 Cart2.gif (943 bytes)
B 75-79 N203571 FI, 7mm - cloth covered - German
(for breather areas mainly)
$10.95 Cart2.gif (943 bytes)
C 75-79 N202811 FI, 7mm - smooth - German
(for high pressure areas)
Fuel Line Clamps
illus Year Item # Description Price Order
D -- N245281 5mm - original style $1.50 ea. Cart2.gif (943 bytes)
D -- N90619501 7mm - original style $1.50 ea. Cart2.gif (943 bytes)



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