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Speedometer Cables

Are you doing 50 but the speedo says 20, if anything at all? Before changing out your speedo, you may consider getting a new speedometer cable. We offer new cables for all years.
Please note, cables are sold without the c-clip to attach them to your front wheel.

Speedometer Cables
illus Year Item # Description Price Order
A 62-73 141857801C 1167mm / 45.94" $23.95


Speedometer Cable C-Clip
illus Year Item # Price Order
B all N0124342 .50 each Cart2.gif (943 bytes)
Speedometer Cable Grommet through Body
illus Year Item # Price Order
C 62-73 111-861 $1.95 Cart2.gif (943 bytes)
Speedometer Cable Grommet through Spindle
illus Year Item # Price Order
D 62-73 111957855A $2.95 Cart2.gif (943 bytes)

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