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Gas Caps

While we do our best to carry only real German caps whenever we can, most of these have fallen out of production as of late. Where we can't find German caps, we will instead offer the highest quality reproduction currently available.

A     B
Gas Caps
illus Year Item # Price Order
A 70 113201551A $14.95 Cart2.gif (943 bytes)
B 71-74 321201551G $11.95 Cart2.gif (943 bytes)


C   D
Locking Gas Caps
illus Year Item # Price Order
C 70 113201551ALK $19.95
D 71-74 321201551H $49.95 Cart2.gif (943 bytes)
Gas Door Stops
illus Year Item # Price Order
E 70-74 111-145A $3.50/pr Cart.gif (955 bytes)






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