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ATE Gold Typ 200 Brake Fluid
Part #706202

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- Germany
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tech notes:
ATE Gold Typ 200 brake fluid is some of the best stuff you can use in your VW. It's a DOT 4 fluid but actually exceeds most of the DOT 4 standards. With a high boiling point you'll notice less brake fade and overall better brake feel. It can be mixed with all DOT 3 and DOT 4 fluids if needed.
Please note that this item cannot be shipped airmail or internationally.
detailed description:
1 liter can
Boiling point minimum: 536 degrees F
Wet boiling point minimum: 388 degrees F
Designed to last up to 3 years under normal highway driving conditions though we recommend replacing all brake fluid annually regardless (it's cheap insurance and your brake system will last longer).
quality issues:
None noted.
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