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The use of Volkswagen names and their model names, descriptions, and/or numbers are used in applications and descriptions for reference purpose only. Their use in no way denotes or infers a direct connection between Bughaus and any vehicle manufacturer or their authorized agencies.
Use of various companies names and product lines within this website exists only for descriptive and informational purposes and does not infer any direct connection between Bughaus and these companies.
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Application Notes
We attempted to be as accurate with our website as possible, however, due to so many grey areas of application especially during mid-year changes, we can not guarantee that the information found within is 100% accurate. If we can be of any help in making sure that the part you ordered or are considering ordering, is correct for your application, please contact us! We will do everything we can to insure to get the correct part for your VW.

Accuracy of prices on
We attempt to keep the prices as updated as possible on However, due to the vast number of items on our website and the amazing rate at which prices on Volkswagen parts change due to circumstances beyond our control such as monetary exchange rates etc., we can not guarantee the prices are set in stone. Though prices usually only change very minimally, which we can usually absorb, on occasion there is a drastic price difference. We will notify you of a price difference than what is on the website when you place an order with us so that you are not charged a different price without your knowledge. Of course, prices also tend to drop, at which time, we will give the lower of the two prices!

Accuracy of pictures on
While we have tried to put as many unique pictures on this website in relation to products, we in no way claim that product pictures are 100% accurate. In some cases we have pictures of similar items for representative purposes. For example, we currently sell three different kinds of the Bosch Super Spark Plugs. They all look similar so we shot the picture of the W8AC plug and used that same picture for both the W7CC and W7DC plugs. If you have questions about what a specific product looks like, please contact us and if that item is in stock we will be happy to describe it to you.

Special Thanks:
We sincerely appreciate all the wonderful sites and people who have contributed pictures, information, and content to this website! Your help has been invaluable! :)


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