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CV Joint
Part #113501331D

Applications :
Type 4 1969-1974
Thing 1973-1974
Country of Origin - Germany
Brand Manufacturer - Lobro

Our Price : $104.95 each

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tech notes:
When using these CV joints, be sure to buy the correct boot kit for them (411598201LO). While the Bus boot kit will fit them, it is not designed for the extra articulation that this CV joint provides which will cause premature failure of the boot.
When installing, remember that the non-tapered side of the CV faces towards the boot.
detailed description:
comes with CV Joint only
fits inner and outer, left and right
2 CVs required per side, 4 CVs required per car
quality issues:
None noted. These are the highest quality CV joints available made by VW's original manufacturer, Lobro!
alternate part numbers:
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CV Joint Boot Kit





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