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CV Joint Boot Kit
Part #251598201

Applications :
Bus 1968-1979
Country of Origin
- Italy
Brand Manufacturer - Lobro

Our Price
: $24.95 / kit


Stock Availability
In Stock
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tech notes:
Early Buses (approx 1968-1972) may have to modify the small brackets that brace the CV bolts on these boots. Originally the flange on these boots was smooth but was modified by VW around 1972/73. When the flange was modified and given small ridges, they also modified the brackets. If you find your brackets are the earlier style, you will need to grind them down to fit the flange on these boots.
detailed description:
comes complete with CV Joint Boot, Grease, and hardware
fits inner and outer, left and right
2 kits required per side, 4 kits required per car
quality issues:
None noted. These are excellent quality kits made by Lobro, the OEM manufacturer. Current stock is being produced at their factory in Italy, though sometimes they will arrive from Germany - both factories produce the same equally high quality product.
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