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Endura-Wear Carpet Kit
Part #34-F1279-607-GC

Applications :
Super Beetle 1971-1972
Country of Origin - USA
Brand Manufacturer - TMI

Our Price : $199.95 each
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tech notes:
We usually use 3M Super-77 adhesive to install these (normally found in home-improvement stores). We recommend that you lay all the pieces out where they are going to install before actually gluing anything in (once glued in place or cut to fit, the kit can not be returned). Verify that all the pieces will fit and that all hole openings are in the appropriate places. Heater outlets tended to move around on the early models around year-breaks and along with possible repairs your car may have had in the past, they may not be where they are expected to be. It's not uncommon to find 55 Beetles with 56 style heater outlets, 57 Beetles with 58 ones, 68's with 67 style and so on.
This carpet kit is cut with no footrest on the passenger's side. Originally 1971-1972 models had a factory footrest on the passenger's side - this kit will only work if you remove that footrest.
detailed description:
7pc kit includes:
front firewall portion
left and right front quarter kick pieces
left and right heater channel / rocker panel pieces
front 'over-the-hump' piece
rear 'over-the-hump' piece
all applicable holes are precut with vinyl grommets embossed around the holes
(ex - shifter, e-brake, heater outlets, etc)
Charcoal loop, cloth-bound carpet
quality issues:
none noted
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