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Fuel Pressure Regulator
Part #31800.063

Applications :
Country of Origin - Italy
Brand Manufacturer - Malpassi

Our Price : $99.95

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tech notes:
If you're running an electric fuel pump, a quality regulator is required to accurately maintain the low psi that both stock and aftermarket Weber carbs require. Unfortunately, that $20 shiny regulator found at most auto parts stores just won't cut it - you need a Malpassi! Made to the absolute highest quality standards, Malpassis will not only accurately lower your psi to where you set it between 1.5 and 20 psi, they'll do so without pressure creep and without choking down the fuel flow so you get a stable feeding pressure under any load conditions at any psi.
detailed description:
Comes with mounting bracket and hardware
fittings are 5/16" / 8mm so suitable for 7mm fuel hose
quality issues:
None noted.
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