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Clutch Cables & Sleeves

We always make it a rule to check our clutch cable sleeve and boots whenever we change a clutch cable for two reasons: 1) You're already there, why not? and 2) A bad clutch cable sleeve can lead to jitters in your car when letting off your clutch. It's also never a bad idea to make sure your wing nut is looking good when you change your clutch cable, when one gets cross-threaded you are running the risk of it loosening up and suddenly you have no clutch.
We carry only genuine GEMO cables and cable sleeves anywhere we can. GEMO is VW's original manufacturer for these cables so you know you're getting the best!

Clutch Cables
illus Year Item # Price Order
A 62-73 311721335AGR $18.95 Cart2.gif (943 bytes)


Clutch Cable Sleeve
illus Year Item # Price Order
B 62-73 311721361 $12.95 Cart2.gif (943 bytes)


Clutch Cable Sleeve Adjustment Washer
illus Year Item # Price Order
C 62-73 043101129 $.50 ea Cart2.gif (943 bytes)
D             E 
Clutch Cable Adjustment Nuts
illus Year Item # Price Order
D 62-65 111721349 $3.95 Cart2.gif (943 bytes)
E 66-73 131721349 $2.95 ea. Cart2.gif (943 bytes)
F G      H
Clutch Tube Boots
illus Year Item # Description Price Order
F 62-67 113-293D Boot to Chassis $8.95 Cart2.gif (943 bytes)
G 62-67 111721365 Boot at Transmission $1.95 Cart2.gif (943 bytes)
H 68-73 311721363 Boot at Transmission $4.95
Clutch Operating Lever
illus Year Item # Price Order
I 65-72 131141719 $12.95 Cart2.gif (943 bytes)
Clutch Cable Shortening Kit
illus Year Item # Price Order
J -- 85058 $5.95 Cart2.gif (943 bytes)
Clutch Wingnut Adjusting Tool
illus Year Item # Price Order
K -- 7059 $8.95
Clutch Cable Bracket
illus Year Item # Price Order
L 69-73 113301165A $7.95 Cart2.gif (943 bytes)



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