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ZDDP Oil Additive
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Brand Manufacturer - Sabre-Chem
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tech notes:
Simply put, modern oils are not designed for antique engines. One important change to modern oils is the lowering of ZDDP (Zinc dialkyldithiophosphate) as it causes premature failure of catalytic converters. Newer engines are designed to not need as much ZDDP as older flat-tappet cam engines due to this. Unfortunately ZDDP is required in older flat-tappet cam engines to reduce cam and lifter wear. The solution? Simple - a ZDDP additive! We now offer an excellent quality ZDDP additive that you can add to your favorite off-the-shelf oil. Just add half of a bottle during an oil change and you'll bring the ZDDP levels up to around 1800ppm.
Please note that this item cannot be shipped airmail or internationally.
detailed description:
4oz bottle - enough for two oil changes
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None noted.
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