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Clutch Pedal Cross-Shafts
The cross-shaft is located inside your vehicle on the  pedal assembly and is what holds your clutch cable to the assembly. Over the years, the cable end tends to wear down the hook portion of the cross-shaft and will eventually break it. Many times, this cross-shaft is still
original and needs to be replaced before it snaps and leaves you stranded.

A   B  C
Clutch Pedal Cross-Shafts
illus Year Item # Price Info / Order
  50-57 111721305A $24.95 Cart.gif (955 bytes)
A 58-64 113721305A $17.95 Cart.gif (955 bytes)
B 64-72 113721305B $17.95 Cart.gif (955 bytes)
C 72-79 111721305C $17.95 Cart.gif (955 bytes)


Clutch Pedal Cross-Shaft Securing Pin
illus Year Item # Price Info / Order
D 46-79 N128341 $1.50



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