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The Bughaus FAQ

  1. When did the Bughaus start?
    We first started as a small mail order business in 1995. If you dig back to issues of VW Trends from 96-97, you'll find our ads. Please don't laugh....

  2. There's a shop called Bug Haus down the street from me, do you own them?
    Only if you live in Tulsa, otherwise that's not us. There are a few other companies who call themselves Bughaus, Bug Haus, Bughouse and so on but we are the only Bughaus in Oklahoma. We are the largest Bughaus around and, in fact, one of the few Volkswagens parts stores that deals strictly in air-cooled Volkswagens.

  3. Are you really located on Route 66?
    Yes we are and have been since opening our retail store in 1995! The building we're in was built in 1945 so it's seen it all! We aren't like some companies who say they're on Route 66 when in truth they're nowhere near it - we are the real deal!

  4. Do you manufacture your own parts?
    Yes, we do manufacture some parts and more are in the works. This is in addition to being authorized warehouse distributors for West Coast Metric, Wolfsburg West, TMI, Flennor, Flösser, Scat, and Bugpack among others. Our goal is to only provide the highest quality parts available so your VW is as safe and dependable as it was when it left the factory!

  5. Why in the world do you deal in 411 and 412 parts? Are you crazy?
    Yes, we are totally off of our rocker. We saw that the Type 4's simply have no presence in the aftermarket world, and we felt that they should. Plus, as the owners of a 1971 411, we have a personal interest in the preservation of these overlooked little air-coolers.

  6. Why are you closed on Sundays and Mondays?
    Hey - everyone needs a day off - Sundays and Mondays are best for us!

  7. I want to chop up my 47 Split Window and make it into a truck, why don't you have to parts to help me?
    Our company's primary focus is restoration to mild custom and that tends to be where our inventory reflects. However, if you're looking for a certain part please let us know as we may have access to it!

  8. Hey, you used a picture that you took of my Bug at a show! I'm gonna sue!
    While we don't own your Bug, if we took the picture, we own the rights to that photograph. However, we prefer to give credit where it's due. Send us an e-mail and we will note on the picture that you are the owner.

  9. Do you have a wholesale program?
    Due to diminished margins of parts from most of our vendors we have had to cancel our wholesale / jobber program.

  10. Do you offer special orders?
    Yes. If there is a part you're looking for that we don't normally stock, we'll try to track it down for you.

  11. I live in Oklahoma and I want to order some items and come pick them up at your retail location, will I have to pay shipping?
    No, but you will have to pay Oklahoma taxes on your order. Likewise, if you live in another state, place an order, and want to pick it up at our store, you will have to pay taxes on the items if (big if here) you pay for them while in Oklahoma.

  12. Why don't you offer a lifetime warranty on what you carry?
    The main reason we don't offer a lifetime warranty is because we don't feel our products need one due to the quality that they are - we go out of our way to offer only the highest quality parts we can find! A lifetime warranty, like the kind most places carry, is only against defects, not wear and tear. If we sold you a set of brake shoes with a lifetime warranty and two years from now you wore thru them, they would not be covered by a lifetime warranty. If you took them out of the box, or the first time you stepped on the brakes, the lining came off of the shoe, that would be a defect. For this reason, we offer a 30 day guarantee against defects. Quite frankly, if a product is not defective in the first month, it's not going to be two months or two years from now. In addition, since we don't have a lifetime warranty to boast about, we don't have to inflate our prices to cover such a warranty.

  13. Do you have a paper catalog?
    No, and for the time being we aren't going to. Our goal is to have every item we carry online as it is a more flexible medium than paper catalogs. allows us to add new products usually within 2-3 days of receiving them as opposed to waiting 3-4 months for a catalog revision. Plus, it allows us to have a full-color catalog which is very price-restrictive in paper form.

  14. How fast is your shipping?
    We tend to use only FedEx Ground for most domestic shipping outside of Hawaii and Alaska. We do our best to get most orders out within 24 hours of receiving it (depending on where you live - you should receive your order within 2-5 working days). To keep backorders down to a minimum, we may sometimes hold your order for a few days if there are items on it that are out of stock but are expected back in soon. We will do our best to inform you via e-mail when this happens. Of course, if you have any questions about an order status - you can contact us here!

  15. Do you drop-ship parts like most of the internet retailers?
    Only on special occasions and never to artificially fill out our inventory. We aren't a home-based business that doesn't have inventory and has to drop-ship everything out of actual businesses to offer products. We have an actual physical walk-in store in Tulsa and we keep about 5000+ parts in stock at any given time. We receive dozens of new shipments monthly and we can usually fill backorders within a week. About the only time when we do drop-ship is when the product is needed in a very short amount of time that we can't provide for some reason.





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