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Emblem Clips
Part #113853615

Applications :
Beetle 1961-1972

Super Beetle 1971-1972
Type 3 1963-1973
Thing 1973-1974
Country of Origin - Germany
Brand Manufacturer -
Our Price : $3.50 / set of 3

Stock Availability
In Stock
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tech notes:
Fits 113853601A and 113853601B and 113853601D German emblems only - will not fit Brazilian ones. It should be noted these fit extremely tight on the emblem posts - this is how they are supposed to be. We normally place the emblem face-down on a towel and lightly tap the clips on to the posts with a small hammer (yes - the clips go on the emblem before the emblem goes on the hood). The clips will not go all the way down on to the posts as the emblem is designed to sit just above the paint.
Detailed description:
quantity = 3
Normally are cloudy/clear in color but may arrive black.
quality issues:
none noted
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