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How to use our site!!

We've done our best to make our site extremely intuitive to use - but here are some tips to help you navigate it just in case!

Finding the part you need in our catalog is as easy as knowing what kind of car you have and what kind of part you're looking for (brake part, clutch part, interior part and so on)

On the left side of every page we have our catalog column. It lists the different air-cooled models we sell parts for - click on your model and you'll be sent to it's online catalog.

At the online catalog page, you'll be given choices of eleven different sections - click on one and you'll be taken to smaller subsections of that area.

Once it the subsection, your choices will be made more specific. Sometimes there will be another subsection beyond this, but in most areas this will take you straight to that area. Click on the subsection you want to go to.

This page will list the parts in that subsection that we offer along with what years the part fits and sometimes a brief description. However, just because they are on this page does not necessarily mean they are in stock or even currently available. Click on the cart icon by the item you need to get more information on it.

Now you are on the product master page where larger and more detailed pictures of the part will be seen, along with technical notes and more product information. This page will also list if the part is currently in stock or not and will allow you to add the item to your shopping cart.



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