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The easiest way to order the correct parts for your car is to know just what you have.
First, pick your model. We have provided pictures in case you aren't sure of the name. Now get your chassis number (or engine number) and you'll be able to get a model year of your Volkswagen.

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Thing Year Identification
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Type 1
Also known as:
Beetle, Bug, Super Beetle
Produced 1946-1979
How to tell a Super Beetle!
What year is my Type 1

Red_Bus_Pic.jpg (8383 bytes) Type 2
Also known as:
Bus, Microbus, Transporter, Van...

Produced 1950-1979
What year is my Type 2?
Type_3_Pic_-_Small.jpg (7931 bytes) Type 3
Also known as:
Squareback, Fastback, Notchback (model variations)
Produced 1961-1973

What year is my Type 3?
411.jpg (11073 bytes) Type 4
Also known as:
411, 412 (model variations)
Produced 1969-1974

What year is my Type 4?
What different models were made?
Coming soon!.jpg (13021 bytes) Karmann Ghia
Produced 1956-1974
What year is my Karmann Ghia?
Coming soon!.jpg (13021 bytes) Type 181
Also known as:
Thing, Safari
Produced 1973-1974


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