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Assist Straps & Coat Hooks

Now here's an item that shows it's wear on all VW's. Assist straps are always the first thing used to a pulp on VW's, especially when the driver of the VW thinks he or she is in some sort of Formula Vee racer. Replace them with these fine examples and don't forget new coat hooks to finish them off.

A            B
Assist Straps
illus Year Item # Description Price Order
A 69-74 131-611E-L/R-WH white, 2pcs $14.95 Cart2.gif (943 bytes)
B 69-74 131-611E-L/R-BK black, 2pcs $14.95 Cart2.gif (943 bytes)


C             D
Assist Strap Covers (Coat Hooks)
illus Year Item # Description Price Order
C 69-74 133-639-WH white, 2pcs $9.95 Cart2.gif (943 bytes)
D 69-74 133-639-BK black, 2 pcs $9.95 Cart2.gif (943 bytes)
Coat Hook Metal Bracket
illus Year Item # Price Order
E 69-74 113857635C $3.95 Cart2.gif (943 bytes)

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