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We have received many inquiries about our business hours during the COVID-19 pandemic that we are all having to deal with. At this time we are going to continue with our normal business hours however we may limit the number of people in the store at one time. While we normally clean and disinfect our counters and door handles every day, we will now do so after each customer leaves the store.

Remember, we can always ship you your VW parts either from orders off our website or over the phone. If you would like to limit your time out running errands during this crisis, we also offer a 'will call' solution on our website where you can place your order and just drop in the store to pick it up.
We have also added a curbside pick-up option for will call orders in the shopping cart.

 We appreciate you choosing us for the quality parts you use on your VW and we hope during this crisis you continue to do so.  Speaking for all owners of small-business, we all need your support now more than ever. Plus - what better way to pass the hours while you're stuck at home than working on your VW! :)

And please, if you are sick with either COVID-19 or the flu or any other infectious respiratory illness, the smart thing to do is just stay home, rest up, and take care of yourself!


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Metal Distributor to Carb Vacuum Line

Not available since VW discontinued these several hundred years ago! VW designed this line so no fuel could run back from the carburetor into the vacuum pod on your engine. These are a super nice reproduction!
Early Beetle / Ghia German Master Cylinder
Excellent OEM German-made quality from FTE! Comes complete with a 2-terminal German brake light switch!
Fuel Filler Flange

When VW eliminated the fuel door on later Buses, it exposed the fuel filler flange under the gas cap to the elements which can cause them to rust once their protective plating wears off. Discontinued by VW years ago, we're proud to now offer a top-quality reproduction that's made in Germany!
Headlight Wiring Grommet

Now available is the grommet in the 68-79 Bus headlight buckets where the wires go through. Your original grommet is probably old, cracked, and painted over after all these years. As it falls apart, your wiring can rub against the headlight bucket causing a short. These new grommets are an exact reproduction of the original!
9-pin Flasher Relay

While there have been quite a few reproductions over the years of this elusive relay, none have ever been a spot-on reproduction not only in looks but also in function. This new production mounts and wires up exactly the same as the Hella original! 
Alternator Adjustment Hole Cap

Over the years most of these have been removed and lost during rebuilds and maintenance. VW discontinued them long ago but they are available again and are an excellent quality reproduction!

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